Earn Energy Credits with Net Metering

Whether generating electricity through solar, wind, hydropower, or agricultural biomass, you could start saving a good deal of money by putting your excess power into the grid. This is a program you can take full advantage of — immediately. Greenside Electric is here to show you how to take control of your hydro costs and earn credits.

Here’s how net metering works:

Once you’ve applied and been accepted into Ontario’s net metering program, your local utility will subtract the value of electricity you supply to the grid from the amount you take from the grid. In your bill, you will see a “net difference” between these two amounts. 

If you produce more energy than you use in one billing cycle a credit will be applied to your next bill for up to 12 months. Your bill will include only your distributor’s fixed monthly customer charge. Easy, right?

Benefits of Net Metering

Some of the benefits of signing up for net metering include:

  • Value of your solar energy rises with the price of electricity
  • Reduced energy costs (actual energy consumed and associated delivery, regulatory, debt retirement charges, and HST)
  • Program trades kilowatt hours used versus kilowatt hours generated
  • Net metering panels mountable on roof, ground, or pole
  • Up to 500kW for business net metering accounts
  • Backup batteries can be used with a net metering system

Battery Backups

With a backup power source, you can still maintain a steady flow of electricity during brownouts and blackouts. You will also eliminate the need to use a noisy, fuel-burning generator. Plus, you have the option of when (and when not to) use the grid.

Ready to Get Started?

Are you ready to get started with net metering or backup power devices? Contact Greenside Electric and start saving money today! To learn more about net metering, download the Ontario government brochure, “Net Metering in Ontario”.


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