Energy Assurance: Primary and Standby Generators for Muskoka

A “standby” power generator system is your best assurance that — no matter what is happening outside with the weather or your local utility provider — you will always have uninterrupted power. 

Manual standby/fully-automated systems — The generator is really “the heart” of a standby power system and must be matched to the right components for reliable power, fuel-efficient operation, ease of use, and a longer functional lifespan.

Why You Should Have a Generator

In 21st-century Canada, we go about our daily lives not wondering if we will have a secure power source the next day. Extreme weather causes power outages at least every year in Ontario. The main benefits of an electric generator include:

  • Secure power for your family, even when you’re working late or out of town
  • Security alarm, heater, and sump pump continue to operate at seasonal home, preventing burst pipes, flooding, and intrusions
  • Constant, reliable energy for those who rely on medical life-support equipment and accessibility aids
  • Reliable energy for office equipment, databases, and communications so you can limit downtime

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